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       SSZ16(BJ800)--Road sweeper
       Use: Qinjie SSZ16(BJ800) Road Sweeper is mainly applied to the ground sweeping in such places as urban squares, highways, motor-vehicle lanes and non-motor-vehicle lanes, streets, airports, wharves, stations, tourist resorts, living quarters and workshops. The use of such sweeper can not only mechanize the work of environmental sanitation, but also help build up such cities as sanitation, civilization, tourism and environmental protection.The spray device is equipped in the sweeper, with the help of which clouds of dust can be reduced or even eliminated in the operation of sweeping.
       Solemnly declare
       The recent emergence of the market on a large number of counterfeit production of cleaning my car, similar in appearance, similar to Make, model-based, piracy of our technology, a little change to apply for a patent, but the statue looks like can do, the inherent quality of but different, very different from, and then to a slightly lower price, on the relationship between customer sales pulling cage products, quality and service can not be effectively guaranteed, damage the interests of users. Please detail the broad masses of the difference between new and old customers, our factory will be used at the appropriate time the legal weapons to safeguard their own interests.
       As a sweeper of its kind in China, founder, inventor, please look for the user at the time of purchase "Changshu qinjie cleaner equipment factory" and "Qin Jie" brand trademark words.
       Each of our products must meet every day of your cleaning needs, such as to cooperate with You, we will be quality products, excellent services and preferential policies for sale to meet your needs, reciprocity and mutual benefit, good faith foundation based on the two sides to seek common development!
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       Please pay attention: Energy saving champion in the environmental sanitation industry! -- Qinjie SSZ16(BJ800)--Road sweeper
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