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       Teamwork, democratic and harmonious, advocating science and technology, the pursuit of the best, learning and innovation.
       You not only can afford it, the key lies in affordable.
       Not for looks gorgeous, but for the inherent perfection; that is stable performance + perfect after-sales service, allowing you to add in the practical application of long lasting, durable goods is one, rather than an ornament, but not luxury.
       With the deepening of urban construction, with the support of urban roads is also developing rapidly, its length, width greatly increased, and therefore rely on traditional manual cleaning roads rubbish, it is difficult to ensure clean roads. The same time as creating national health city, green city, landscaping city, tourist city and so the need for external and local governments to improve the investment environment, with the machine instead of the traditional one sweep sweep, reduce sanitation costs, reduce labor intensity of sanitation workers have more voice to be higher.
       Qinjie Bj800 Road Sweeper is mainly applied to ground sweeping in such places as urban squares,highways, non-motor-vehicle lanes, streets, airports, wharves, stations, tourist resorts, living quarters and workshops. The use of such sweeper not only can mechanize the work of environmental protection.
       The R180 diesel engine is used, so the sanitation worker can operate the sweeper while riding. The sweeper is easy to operate and maintain. What's more, the price of fuel oil is low. The sweeper is especially suitable for long distance sweeping. It can reduce labor intensity and raise sweeping efficiency. The capacity of this Sweeper is equal to 13.3 sanitation workers. However, its cost is only 1/3 of the 13.3 sanitation workers.
       The state patent has been declared for Qinjie BJ800 Road Sweeper. The patent number is 0124454.X、01333900.1.
       Looking ahead, we are confident and hope. We will continue to follow the "well-designed, well-made, high quality and efficiency, customer satisfaction," the quality, dedication and users work together to create a better future career sanitation.
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