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       SSZ16(BJ800)--Road sweeper
       According to the regulation of Construction Department: manual clearing ration is 600 sqm /hour, our clearing vehicle has the capability of 12000sqm/hour. To take contamination of road and clearing speed into consideration, 8000sqm/hour corresponds to clearing workload of 13.3 dustmen. Based on 300 annual workday and 7 hours each day, the evaluation for the costs of manual work comparing to vehicle work is listed as follows:
Item clearing of Qinjie type BJ800 Manual clearing
Required quantity of manpower (person) 2 (including one assistant) 13.3
Monthly wage of city dustmen (RMB Yuan) 800(600 assistant) 600
Annual wage of city dustmen (RMB Yuan) (800+600)*12=16800 600*13.3*12=95760
Daily consumption of fuel oil (RMB Yuan) Diesel oil 2.5 Yuan/litre*6 = 15 Yuan Additional Machine oil 1 Yuan  
Annual consumption of fuel oil(RMB Yuan) 16Yuan/day*300day=4800  
Monthly wearing off charge of tool (RMB Yuan) 100 30Yuan/person*13.3=399
Annual wearing off charge of tool (RMB Yuan) 100*12=1200 399*12=4788
Annual maintenance charge of vehicle (RMB Yuan) 1500  
Annual depreciation charge of vehicle (counting on the base of 6 years) (RMB Yuan) 7000  
Annual clearing area (10 thousand sqm) 1680 1680
Annual charge in total (RMB Yuan) 31300 100548
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